Join us!

I’m currently (as of June 2018) recruiting students for the first cohort!  I may be new at advising grad students, but I’ve had a few outstanding mentors (this guy and this guy) who have helped me form a clear and deliberate plan for my students’ development as scholars, professionals, and humans.  (Also, a few of my undergrads have already gone on to become brilliant researchers!) If you’re ambitious, resourceful, obsessed with trophic ecology, and ready to work hard, please contact me with a cover letter describing your background and personal goals, as well as a 2 pg statement of research interests. 

I recommend using the NSF GRFP essays as a model. It may seem like a lot of work, (just wait until you start grad school!) but this is a great exercise for articulating your interests and demonstrating background knowledge for prospective advisors. If you craft a great research statement and I turn out to not be a good match for your interests, I promise to help you refine it and refer you to other potential mentors.

To get an idea of what to expect from a good mentoring relationship in grad school . . . . check out what this guy says.