imageCarmen Blubaugh (cblubau at

PhD, Entomology, Purdue University (2015)

MS, Environmental Science, Indiana University (2010)

BA, Environmental Studies, Florida Atlantic University (2006)

Carmen’s CV

Ivy Widick (Lab manager)ivy

MS, Wildlife Biology, Humboldt State University (2018)

BS, Wildlife Biology (2015)

Ivy is a wildlife ecologist who uses species distribution models informed by local adaptation and biotic interactions to forecast changes in distributions of endangered giant kangaroo rat populations under varying climate change scenarios. Ivy worked with us previously as an undergraduate at Purdue University to describe small mammal movement and microhabitat use under varying risk conditions. She’s joined us again for a year to help get the new lab rolling, and is currently using video surveillance to examine antagonistic interactions between small mammals, invasive fire ants, and native insects.

annie.jpgAnnie McElvenny

Annie is an Environmental and Natural Resources Management major, and  joined us for a research internship this summer through Clemson’s EUREKA program, and is continuing work in the lab.  She examined effects of structural habitat complexity on seed consumption by small mammals, fire ants, and native insect granivores.


Andrew Godard

Andrew is a Plant and Environmental Sciences major at Clemson, and took Dr. Blubaugh’s Integrated Pest Management course in spring 2018. Andrew’s helping us describe the predator community associated with a recently emerging pest in SC, he yellow-margined leaf beetle.



Melina Madden

Melina joined us for a summer research internship in 2018 while a senior at the Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics through Clemson’s Summer Program for Research Interns. She examined relationships between weed diversity, predator diversity, and biological control of insect pests and weed seeds.


Although she’s very bad at following instructions, Rosie is an occasional field assistant and a placeholder for future amazing students!  Check out my recruitment page for info about how to inquire about joining the lab.