Farmer collaborators

Greetings!  I’m always searching for farmers to collaborate with on insect ecology research– I learn so much from visiting working farms and learning about your most frustrating pest management challenges, and I hope I can share some interesting and useful knowledge with you as well!  I value your perspective and depend on it to guide my research program at Clemson.

Currently, I’m recruiting farmers to participate in an on-farm sampling network!  See below!  If you’d like to participate in our on-farm research network, follow this link to sign up.

Agricultural researchers with expertise in organic production are recruiting collaborating farmers for a on-farm sampling network across Northern Georgia and the Carolinas. We’re a group of soil, insect and weed ecologists, and we’re excited to learn about your most frustrating weed and insect management challenges! We’re gearing up to gather data to address them soon, and we’re specifically trying to understand how to refine organic fertility management strategies to promote natural pest suppression. If you volunteer to participate in our sampling network, you’ll see a member of our team once or twice a year on-site at your farm. We’ll collect soil samples and pay for them to be processed, then we’ll do some visual pest scouting, break out our bug vacuums, and evaluate weed pressure. And of course, we’ll share all this information with you and help you interpret what we learned with data from your farm. We expect to begin large-scale sampling in summer 2020, but we plan to visit a small subset of farms once this season. Please join us!